There’s something universal about technology – it’s always growing. The phones we have in our pocket today would be unrecognizable to someone even as close as 10 years ago. The tiny little phones we carry around in our pockets every day are stronger than some of the most powerful computers we could imagine in the early 2000’s. 

The speed at which these technologies develop is completely unprecedented and their quick evolution can make it hard to imagine how much further we have to go. Thankfully, by examining the latest trends in technological growth we can paint a much clearer picture of where our world will be heading. So, what exactly is the future of smart phones?

Foldable and Moldable

Nothing says “dated” like a flip phone. Harkening back to the days of pagers and beepers, developers are looking to the past to build a new future. While it may surprise some to hear it, the hottest trend in tech right now is folding, movable smartphone screens. Already Samsung has announced its new flagship device, the Galaxy X, an expensive phone/tablet combination that has the ability to flip over into itself to easily transition between phone and tablet. 

While the idea of a single, unbroken screen being able to bend without breaking is already a shock, it doesn’t stop there. The future of smart phones is so much more than a simple fold – it’s a fully moldable, flexible screen as thin as paper. Researchers are hard at work developing a new kind of smartphone glass that can bend and twist itself in any direction as easily as cloth, while still retaining the hardware and rigidity necessary for efficient use. Soon, we’ll be able to wrap our phones around our wrists just like you would a watch.

5G and Wearable Devices

As we speak, Verizon, Sprint, and T Mobile are already unveiling their new plans for 5g service. Within a year we will be seeing some of the fastest download speeds ever recorded. Beyond that, 5g service will enable a smooth and seamless connection to the Internet of Things, allowing us to connect to wearable devices and appliances throughout our house without interruption. This will enable a new generation of life-changing wearable devices.

We already have smart watches, now picture a set of glasses that effortlessly streams your phone’s feed directly into your field of vision. Imagine a set of gloves that allow you to type on any surface simply by tapping your fingers in the right order. All of these are well underway into development, and 5g evolution will allow all of these different devices to easily integrate directly with your phone.

That is only a small taste of what the future has to offer. Soon, our phones will evolve to become much more than simple phones. They will be the digital hub that connects our glasses to our watch to our gloves to whatever else we might be wearing. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll all be reading this on our Smart Shoes.