Picnics, barbeques, lazy days by the pool, road trips and plenty of mosquitoes. Ah yes, summer is on its way. It is the time of fun and adventures. If you are looking forward to making your summer an unforgettable journey, then check out these top 5 gadgets of the season!

1) ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer-  This item should be included on your list of cool backyard or camping gadgets. You can use it with a smoker or a grill to make sure that your meal is perfectly cooked. It is wireless, meaning that you don’t need to wait around next to it. This is a great option if you are hosting a BBQ party or want to prepare a meal for the camping gang.

2) JBL GO 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker-  This is one of the must have gadgets if you are a fan of summer water activities. It is portable and also affordable so you won’t need to fear bringing it along for all of your pool parties, float trips or beach outings. High quality sound and projection means you won’t miss the lyrics to your favorite song from across the pool over the sound laughter and fun.

3) Bug Zapper Light Bulb-  Spending time outside in the evening is an incredible experience but it is definitely better if you’re not being eaten alive. Avoiding bugs bites can be difficult but this amazing bulb makes it significantly easier. It features dual mode so you can use it for lighting with anti-mosquito properties or choose the anti-mosquito function alone. The light attracts all kinds of bugs and keeps them away from your food and body. It is perfectly safe to use around kids and animals.

4) Napoleon Two-Burner Portable Grill-  Take the party anywhere. This grill easily collapses so you can roll it wherever you want on its all-terrain wheels. Its high-tech design includes stainless steel burners and cooking grids that are porcelainized cast iron. This helps to evenly distribute the heat throughout the grill. With its wind-proof design, you’ll successfully grill no matter what the weather.

5) SORARA Patio Umbrella-  No matter where you live, the summer sun can be brutal. Yet, you want to be outside so you plant yourself under an umbrella with your e-reader. This umbrella is unique in that it’s solar powered and has the ability to charge your small electronic devices. No longer will you have to worry about a dead battery when the plot of the book is thickening. Simply plug in and enjoy for several more hours.

Make sure your summer is memorable for all of the right reasons. These nifty gadgets can make it happen!